School Uniforms

School Uniform Policy

The School Uniform Policy of Charles E. Webster P. S. reflects the mission of the school to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful. The Policy echoes the school's commitment to involve parents and guardians, through the school council, in the development of plans for new education initiatives that relate to student achievement.

A School Uniform Policy, supported by a majority of parents, should lead to safer and more respectful learning and teaching environments. The School Uniform Policy of Charles E. Webster P.S. is based on principles such as respect and safety. In keeping with the Toronto District School Board's Equity Foundation Policy, the School Uniform Policy attempts to integrate the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion.

It is expected that every student in the school from Kindergarten to grade seven will comply with Charles E. Webster's School Uniform Policy. The Policy will be optional for kindergarten students.

Charles E. Webster's School Uniform Policy shall be subject to review every three years. The school will solicit the views of students, teachers, staff, parents and guardians, and the school council in its review of the Policy.