Cordella Junior Public School

Parking Information

Dear Parents and Guardians

Our students’ safety is very important. I am really concerned about traffic at the school. Vehicles are often parked illegally, people make U-turns, and also, several people use the parking lot as a student drop off and pick up. These actions are dangerous and I fear that someone is going to get hurt.

I am providing this important information to make the school safer for your children. Please know that I will be speaking with the police to support us. They may issue tickets if necessary.

According to the law, there is no stopping in a school bus loading zone between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Do not stop your vehicle within this 18 metre-long zone in front of the school, even for “a minute”. If you do, you may get a ticket.

There is also a fire hydrant in the same area and you cannot ever park within 3 metres of a hydrant.

Please make a safer choice and drive around the block instead of making a U-turn in front of the school. Cordella Avenue forms an easy loop with Langden Avenue and Cliff St.

Park only on the right side of the street. U-turns are illegal, block traffic and make the street unsafe.

Please do not use the school parking lot for student drop off or pick up. It is dangerous for children to be walking through a parking lot while other vehicles are moving. It is a small lot and congestion is also a big problem. Our safety patrol is at the end of the driveway every morning and afternoon to ask you to park on the street. You are welcome to use the parking lot if you need to come to the office to speak with someone. Otherwise, please park somewhere else for everyone’s safety.

No one wants to see anyone to get hurt. Parking a little bit away from the school is good for your health. You might even consider walking all the way instead of driving!

Please share this information with everyone who may drive your child/ children to school. If you have concerns or questions about this information, please do not hesitate to talk with me.

Yours in safety,

S. Smith
We need lunchroom assistants on a casual basis. Please see Mr. Smith as soon as possible if you are interested.

Lunchroom Supervisor Needed - $11.35/hr. (supply) or $18.77/hr. (permanent) Most positions start as a temporary assignment and often turn into daily work.

If you have experience working with children and an ability to communicate in English, sensitively with our students, parents and others, please consider joining our team. Your main role will be to ensure the safety and security of our students during the daily lunch period for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Necessary skills include patience, understanding and the ability to encourage positive relations among students.

If interested, please apply on-line at the following address or provide a resume to the School:

On Line Books Available

The Toronto Public Library provides links to many popular books for kids and adults. eBook Services is the home page. Scroll down to the Tumble book section where you will find three sections for kids of different ages. 
Tumble books is an interactive digital copy of popular books for kids. The children can read at their own pace or have the story read to them.

Just be sure to click on the orange button that says "access online" - this means that the subscription has been paid for by the Toronto Public library


Message from Toronto Children Services - New online resource for Toronto's Middle Childhood Programs:
The City of Toronto's website has a new online locator to help parents and guardians of children from 6 to 12 years of age find before-school and after-school programs in Toronto. This new resource marks the first phase of the City of Toronto's Middle Childhood Strategy.

The locator can be found at

The locator is designed to search for locations of licensed school-age child care programs, Full-Day Kindergarten before and after school programs, and after school recreation care (ARC) programs. The locator will continually be expanded to search for more categories.

The City of Toronto's Middle Childhood Strategy aims to achieve five goals:
o develop a comprehensive and integrated system of services for children 6 to 12
o improve the planning and coordination of local programs
o increase the quality of programs
o raise public awareness of the availability of programs for this age group, and
o support research and share information.

For information on non-emergency City services and programs, Toronto residents, businesses and visitors can dial 311, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.