Our Classrooms

Grades 6-8 English Stream.                       

Grades 6-8 French Immersion (FI) 

Grades 6-8 Extended French (EXF)            

Grades 6-8 Intensive Extended French (IEFA) 

6A | Ms. Agosta
6B | Ms. Demakopoulos
6/7A | Mr. Mohammed

6FI | Mr. Ginestier

6/7EXFA | Ms. Bagli

6/7EXFB | Mme. Levy-Johnson

6IEF | Mme. Faveri

6/7IEF | Mme. Cobo

7A | Ms. Hunter
7B | Ms. Chong

7/8FIA | Mr. Mastorakos

7/8FIB | Mr. Byll

7/8FIC | Mme. Beach

7IEFA | Mme. Anastasi

8A | Ms. Karakozidis
8B | Mr. Kirk
8C | Mr. Photos

8EXF | Mme. Little/ Mr. Kerwood

8IEF | Mr. Manastirli

AUT ISP | Ms. McQuaid

HSP 6 | Mr. Brideau

HSP 7 | Mr. Brideau

 HSP 8 | Ms. Mehboob


 Mr. Kirk (Library is closed for the 2020-2021 school year)


Please note that the guidance office is closed for the 2020-2021 school year.

please contact the main office for guidance related inquiries: (416)396-2335


 Mr. Kerwood

Physical Education

Mr. Stone
Mr. Markovic
Ms. Simmons

Mr. Charlton

Special Education Resource Teacher &
Methods and Resource Teacher (MART) 

Mr. Brideau

Education Assistant (HSP)

Ms. Vlahakis

Child & Youth Worker
 Special Needs Assistant
 TDSB Social Worker 
 TDSB Psychologist 

Head Caretaker

Ms. Jones
Mr. McCrank | Ms. Woldekristos
Ms. Hicks
Ms. Kim 

Mr. Miller
Cafeteria is closed for 2020-2021 school year