Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  The first day of class is Tuesday September 5, 2023. School starts at 9:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm. We are excited to welcome our new  Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Gangotra  and Ms. Ghafoor our new DECE to our staff. Our staff has worked tirelessly to prepare their classrooms for our students. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure that our children achieve their highest potential. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. It is our hope that our students will be inspired to maximize their learnings by building on their experiences from last year to enhance their overall achievement and well-being. 

Here are some reminders:

• Student supervision begins @ 9:00 am, classes start @ 9:15 am, lunchtime is 12:00 -1:00 pm and dismissal is at 3:45 pm. If your child goes home for lunch, they should return at 1:00 pm to join their class.  

• Our school promotes healthy eating habits and we appreciate your support in providing healthy lunches and snacks for your children. This year students will resume eating lunch in the gyms.  Please remind your child not to share food and to be respectful toward each other and the lunchroom supervisors. 

• Students are to be punctual for school daily. If students are late, they need to come to the main door and the office staff will assist them.

• The bus lane is to be clear at all times, so that, students can be picked up and dropped off safely each day

• If you drive your child to school, they are to be dropped off at the front of the school to join their respective class line at the back of the school or at the designated Kindergarten entrance and exit doors.
• If your child walks to school, please allow your child to join the class line while you wait on the field to avoid congestion

• The Safety and Well-Being of everyone is paramount. Please note, that there should be NO DROP Off or PICK UP of STUDENTS from Daystrom’s parking lot.

• The school’s parking lot is ONLY for Daystrom Staff and TDSB staff

Your child’s teacher will connect with you to share information about your child’s class, entrance and exit doors and other pertinent routines. We are looking forward to a school year filled with engaging learning activities for all 


C. Wynter-Ellis -Principal    J. Samuels- Vice -Principal