Welcome To Daystrom Public School

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our community of students, parents, and staff to Daystrom Public School for an exciting new school year in 2015-2016!

School Code of Behaviour

Our goal at Daystrom Public School is to provide all students with a caring environment where high learning expectation, appropriate academic achievement and behaviour standards are encouraged.  It is our intent to assist each child to practise good cititzenship at Daystrom and thus learn, grow and develop into responsible citizens in society.

Character Education

At Daystrom, we believe that every student should achieve academic and social excellence.  The Toronto District School Board has a monthly Character Education focus as follows:

September: Respect
October: Responsibility
November: Empathy
December: Kindness and Caring
January: Teamwork
February: Fairness
March: Honesty
April: Co-operation
May: Integrity
June: Perseverance