Dennis Ave CS Reconstruction

Dennis Avenue Community School Reconstruction – Project Update

17 Dennis Ave, Toronto, ON
Report Number. 1

Please note that the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) follows-up on the project on a daily basis. This includes periodic site visits, discussion with consultants (including third-party inspection consultants) and receiving feedback on issues from the school community.



  • Note – This report reflects overall progress on the project, with a focus on the key milestone of the demolition of the current school building. This update also acknowledges the changed general work and construction environments associated with the on-going COVID 19 restrictions, which have affected the approvals process and the project in general.
  • The school population has been relocated to temporary facilities pending the construction of the new building. The reconstruction project design is currently with the Ministry of Education for final approval before Tender and Construction.
  • The vacated school is being prepared for demolition. As part of this process, TDSB Museum & Archives staff have visited the building in order to identify & remove items or artefacts of historical or sentimental value to the school community. Any salvaged items will be stored by the TDSB Archive department.
  • The current timeline for demolition of the school is as follows:
    • TDSB is beginning the Tender process for building demolition. Building features designated for salvage, re-use or that are to be incorporated into the new building will be identified in this package.
    • Active demolition would start in December 2021 | January 2022.
    • The first step would involve remediation & removal of contaminated material – overall duration of demolition and site preparation will be 5 months based on current information.
    • The timeline for the new school will be developed following final approvals by the Ministry and coordinated with current activity

Original CornerstoneKeystone and Cornice Elements

Original Entabulature or PorticoDecorative brackets


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