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Terry Fox

We hope you've had a great summer and just wanted to say...WELCOME BACK! We're looking forward to a great year, and with your help we think this year's School Run will be the best one yet. 

Classroom Assignments

Principal:  Mr. T. Di Biase

Grade Teacher(s) Room
JK/SK D. Ireland & C. Homoroczky (RECE) 2
ESL L. Hartwick 7
1/2 A. Teixeira 6
2/3 N. Evgrafova 3
4/5 S. Rusk 4
French R. Marusic 4
Prep R. Marusic 5, Gym
Library N. Mantzukis Libary
SERT N. Mantzukis 7
HSP L. Hartwick 4

Support Staff:
Office Administrator - Ms. Alexandre
R.E.C.E. FDK - Ms. Homoroczky
E.A. a.m.- Ms. Melo
S.N.A. - R. Moroch
M.S.I.C Learning Coaches
Caretaking - M. Agned & K. Carlson

L.R.S.  (Lunchroom Supervisors)
Ms. Gray
Ms. Palmer

EcoSchool GOLD!

Congratulations to the EcoSchool Team at Dennis Avenue on achieving EcoSchool GOLD on their recent EcoSchools Audit!EcoSchools Logo


Kindergarten Registration for Dennis Avenue Community School

Registration is ongoing.

Click image for the TDSB Kindergarten Registration Booklet:

Kindergarten PromotionKindergarten Promo Kit


For more Kindergarten information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Model Schools

Model Schools for Inner Cities Vision:

The TDSB has developed the Model Schools for Inner Cities (MSIC) program to provide students with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to participate fully and equally in schools and their communities.

Five Essential Components:

1.  Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices

2.  Supportive Services to meet the Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellbeing of Students

3.  School as the Heart of the Community

4.  Research, Review, and Evaluation of students and programs

5.  Commitment to Share Successful Practices

At Dennis Avenue C.S., we are pleased to be a Model School.  Mr. Hurd is our Community Support Worker.  He helps to engage parents and provide meaningful and relevant community programming for parents.  We have a nutrition program and free vision and hearing testing and subsequent service for selected students.  We have partnerships with community agencies (e.g., Yorktown Family Services, Toronto Police Services, Unison Health Care, Toronto Public Health, York University Nursing Program, Ontario Early Years). We approach curriculum teaching through a lens of culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy to develop critical thinking skills and improved academic results.