Eco School


Earl Haig is once again certified as an Eco School, at the PLATINUM level! This is the highest level you can achieve as an Eco School in the Toronto District School Board, the criteria for achieving this level changes each school year and the expectations increase. Thank you to all of our students and staff for working together to make this happen! For the 2015/2016 school year we will continue to focus on Eco initiatives and work to build upon what we have done already as a school in order to maintain our platinum certification. A big thank you to Ms. Sanderson, who continues to provide excellent leadership for this initiative!

Earl Haig is an Eco School

We achieved Platinum status but must maintain our hard work and constant effort to remain there.

We both welcome and require community and parent help us keep our Eco status and to move forward to the next level.

Both the school and the Daycare participate in weekly compost and recycling programs offered by the City.

We are very proud of our Litterless Lunch campaign. All students are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles, lunch and snack containers. All garbage that cannot be composted or recycled is to be returned home with the students.

We have stations around the building where the community can recycle batteries, eye glasses, cell phones and Tim's cups.

Any items not collected from the Lost and Found will be donated to local charities to be reused.

Our students, through the “Me to We” group, organize two or three food drives to benefit Community 55 each school year.

We have a Kindergarten and Memorial Garden and are in the process of expanding the gardens. The Parent Council has a Gardening Committee and the Toronto Trees and Parts Foundation has helped us improve are gardens. Trees mulching is done by the students in the spring of the year.

There is a very active student component in the Eco Eagles. These students monitor the compost at lunch, collect compost and recycling, make posters, educate the school and community on eco matters, monitor the classrooms for lights, blinds, vents, reusable items, etc. This group meets monthly and takes all issues back to their classrooms to help improve awareness.

We encourage the use of reusable and recyclable items for art projects at school. The Community is welcome to talk to the teachers about items that might be useful for art and other things, please check the Classroom Wish List page on the website.

Earl Haig participates in the Community eco projects like The Shoreline Clean Up, 20 Minute Clean Up, Earth Day and Earth Hour.

Eco literacy and education are a part of the lifestyle and curriculum at Earl Haig. We use the local parks and ravine, as well as, our school yard as outdoor classrooms to help promote eco literacy.

We welcome and encourage parent and community involvement in our eco quest.

Laurie Sanderson
Grade 3
Eco Coordinator