Tip of the Week


  • Establish short and long term goals
  • Goals should be realistic, specific and concrete
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Write down specific steps to achieve your goals
  • Revise your goals every few months
  • Use a daily planner and keep it with you at all times
  • Make a "To Do" list every day and keep it in your planner
  • Prioritize your daily list, arrange them in order of importance and do them in that order (check "teacher assignments" or "work due" first!)
  • Plan your day the evening before and get the things you'll need in the morning ready too!
  • Take time out to relax and breathe
  • Use the "Swiss Cheese" approach to time-management. Break up large or unpleasant tasks into smaller, more easily managed bits ("poking holes in large tasks")
  • Use travel or bus time to plan or to read
  • Start to work according to your plan. Try to start the same time every day. Minimize the time you waste.
  • Plan a regular break too! Be realistic and reasonable

Specialized Programs


Attention Parents: 

TDSB is pleased to provide an exciting education planning resource available immediately to your students at school or from home.

myBlueprint Education Planner (www.myBlueprint.ca/tdsb) lets your child create an engaging and interactive Education Plan . They can build customized high school course plans, instantly identify the post-secondary options that are available to them and explore valuable information about apprenticeships, college programs, university programs and workplace opportunities across Canada!

With direct access from home, now you can also get more informed and involved with your child’s education. Log in and learn about courses, graduation requirements and the endless options available to your child. From their Profile, your student will be able to set goals, save unlimited plans, short-list programs and occupations of interest, record extra-curricular activities and more.

To access the site, visit www.myBlueprint.ca/tdsb and choose a highschool (your child's home highschool) to create a parent account. 

myBlueprint helps ensure you can assist your child in making the most informed decision about their education. We encourage you to get started today and explore the website with them.