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Welcome to our school website. 
Please check back often as we are continuously working on updating our site to reflect all the wonderful things happening at our school. 


Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

Our School Day

8:42 a.m. School Starts. 
Students must meet at the back of the school. 
Note that entry is until 8:45 a.m. Students who arrive later must enter through the main doors and are considered late. 
10:05 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Grade 1 - 8
Morning Recess
11:28 a.m. - 12:28 p.m.


1:40 p.m. - 1:50 p.m Grade 1- 8
Afternoon Recess
3:10 p.m. Dismissal

Students are encouraged to be at school between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. and should meet their peers and teachers at their designated spots at the back of the school.

Families are asked to not drop off students at the front doors and are reminded to not park in the staff parking lot or in the bus loop.

If you are driving your child to school, please park legally and safely on one of our nearby side streets and walk your child to school. We know that this is not ideal for many of you but do hope that you understand the necessity of this rule in ensuring our parking lot is accessible to staff and safe for students and that our buses carrying our young kindergarten students can easily maneuver in and out of their drop off/pick up area. (see note below)

If your child arrives at school after 8:45 a.m., they are considered to be late and must check in at the main office.  

Parents/Caregivers are NOT allowed to be in the school without a staff member accompanying them as it is very important that we know who is in the building at all times.
Please do not walk your child to their classroom
- we will ensure that they get there safely once you have signed them in.
We appreciate your cooperation with this really important safety measure we must take in order to keep all students safe in our school building.

With gratitude,

Abhi Arulanantham, Principal


 Promoting Respect in our School

At Edgewood, we are committed to creating an anti-racist, inclusive and welcoming space for all. It is our expectation as well as the expectation of our school board that all staff, students, and community members are treated with kindness, dignity and respect. We are working within our school community to learn more about fairness, equity, diversity, acceptance and inclusion. We are intentional in our teachings about how we can all work together to eliminate all forms of discrimination, and very simply, how we can all be good friends and citizens of our shared community. The conversations are on-going in our school and yet we unfortunately are seeing far too many students use harmful, racist, and/or sexist language and treat others unkindly. We urge families to have these important conversations at home as well so that our students understand that the expectation to be kind and respectful is a shared and prioritized one. At school, we will continue to hold students accountable for their actions, and will follow a progressive discipline approach that is based on helping students learn from their mistakes and do better. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak with your child’s teacher. Remember that we ALL have an important role to play in creating and maintaining respectful working and learning spaces. Thank you. 


Dress for the Weather

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately so that they can be outside for recess, lunch and outdoor learning opportunities throughout the day. Note that we will be outside even if there is light rain. 

Students must have 

  • gloves (or mittens)
  • a hat
  • a warm jacket 
  • snow or splash pants 
  • winter boots

All students must also have a pair of indoor shoes. Students who do not have indoor shoes will not be allowed to participate in gym activities. 
We highly encourage all students to have extra clothes at school in the event they need to change. We do have a limited amount of items that we can loan students. If your child does borrow something from school, we ask that you wash and return it the next day if possible. If you have gently used winter clothing that your child has outgrown and you would like to donate to our collection, please contact the office. 


Nutrition Program - Contributions/Donations Needed

 At this time, the majority of our students benefit from participating in our morning meal program. This program allows us to give students a healthy snack every morning.

Although our program receives a small amount of funding from municipal and provincial grants, it is not enough to cover the full cost of running it. Parental contributions and donations are necessary to make the program successful.
Thank you to those who have already made their contributions. If you have not been able to make your contribution yet, we ask that you please contribute what you can. The suggested contribution for the entire year is $50, and we are asking for families to contribute $25 per term. If this is not possible, we ask that you contribute whatever you can as every little bit helps us keep this program running. As our school is continuing to work toward being a cashless school, we ask that all contributions be made through School Cash-Online.


Parking Lot and School Bus Zone Safety Rules 

Thank you so much for all your support and cooperation during morning drop offs. 

We appreciate that parents/guardians are no longer parking in our school parking lot and are also not parking in the school bus zone. We know it is not always the most convenient thing to do but we do ask that you either walk to school if possible, or park on the street where it is legally marked safe to do so. 

We are asking for your cooperation with these rules during pick up at the end of the day as well. While we do not have staff out to supervise and direct traffic after school, we do ask that families be respectful of the rules at all times.

Note that even if it is for a short period of time,  it is against parking by-laws to leave your car unattended in our bus loop which is also our fire route.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we work together to keep our school space safe for our students. 


Some More Important Reminders:

Food Treats

We know that many families like to celebrate special occasions (such as Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, etc.) by sending their children's classmates food treats and/or loot bags. While this is a very generous gesture, we do ask that you do not send any food to school for this purpose or for sharing in general.

One of the most important considerations is the safety of our students. We have an increasing number of students (and staff) who have food allergies and/or intolerances. As we cannot check all treats from families to ensure that they are safe for all students, it is safest for us to ask you not to send any food treats to school for your child to share with others. We are happy to acknowledge your child’s special day with an announcement over our PA system and appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep all our students safe.
Any food sent to school for sharing purposes will be returned unopened. 

Peanut/Nut Allergies Alert

A number of our students and staff are anaphylactic. This means they have severe, potentially life-threatening allergies to nuts/peanut oil. Please ensure that your child’s lunches and snacks do not contain nuts or peanut products. Please also remind your child not to share snacks with friends as we do not know what may cause a reaction. 

No Smoking/Vaping on School Property

Please note that as per City of Toronto laws and TDSB policies, smoking and vaping is not allowed on any school property. This includes the grounds associated with the school, and public areas within 20 metres of any point on the perimeter of the grounds of the school. Please note that this includes the field behind our school building, and the playscape. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 

No Dogs Allowed on School Property

Please note that the TDSB does not allow canines (dogs) on any properties at any time. The only exception are service dogs. We kindly ask that you do not bring dogs to the school. Thank you.



We are aiming to be a cashless school! This means that any payments, including contributions to the nutrition program and participation in various initiatives will be processed by TDSB’s cashless payment system School Cash Online. 

This reduces the need for students to come to school with cash, allows us to reduce the handling of monies in our school, and helps ensure that all financial transactions are processed safely and in accordance with our school board’s policies and procedures. 

We are asking all families to please register for School Cash Online using the following link: https://tdsb.schoolcashonline.com.
Select “Get Started Today” and complete the registration steps. 

If you need assistance with this, please contact the school. You may also find the following resources helpful:

Cash Online - an overview 

Cash Online - instructions for set up