TDSB Connects APP


Emery Adult Learning Centre will be sending out announcements on TDSB Connects APP starting next week!  


If you have an Apple IPHONE:

If you have an Google Play ANDROID:

Download and login using your TDSB Login ID and password!



TDSB Connect App Main Features


The following are the key features of the TDSB Connects App






Login Screen

  • Students will login to the TDSB Connects App using their TDSB account credentials

Home Screen 

  • After logging into the app, students will access all main navigation options on the Home screen.
  • Students in grades 4 to 12 will see the same options with the following exceptions:

Students in grades 4 to 8 will see a “Student Agenda” option and students in grades 9 to 12 will see a “Timetable” option.


My Day

  • The My Day feature will provide students with a quick overview of key information and tasks from the different sections of the TDSB Connect app that they need to be aware of during their school day.
  • Students in grades 4-8 will see agenda items in the list and students in grades 9-12 will see timetable items.


Student Agenda (Grades 4-8)

  • The student agenda will allow students in grades 4 to 8 enter and view information and tasks to help them manage their work better during school days.

Adding Items to the Agenda 

  • Students can click on the Add Agenda Item icon at the top right hand side of the screen to add new items to their agenda.
  • When adding an item, students can enter a title and description, attach pictures, and set a reminder. They can also select an icon and colour that will be used when displaying the item in the agenda listing screen.

Agenda Date Filter

  • Students can filter agenda items by various time ranges

Agenda Search Filter

  • Students can use the search screen to filter agenda items by various criteria, including:
  • Keywords - Items that have the keywords entered by the student.
  • Date Range - Items that fall in the date range entered.
  • Has Reminders - Items that have reminders attached to them.

Agenda Detail Screen

  • Students can view details of an agenda item by clicking the agenda item in the list.


  • Students can view the whole school calendar and their own student calendar. 


Adding Calendar Events - Students

  • Students can add events to their own student calendar

Adding Calendar Events - Staff

  • Staff can add events to their school calendars, including the Staff and Whole School calendars. 
  • In addition, staff can update their own individual calendars.


  • Students can view their Trillium timetables.
  • The timetable screen allows students to view timetable items by day / day cycle. 
  • Students can click on the Add icon on the right hand side of a course in the list to add new items to the course.

Adding Items to the Timetable

  • When adding an item, students can enter a title and description, attach pictures, and set a reminder. They can also select an icon and colour that will be used when displaying the item in the agenda listing screen.

Timetable Items List

  • After an item has been added to a course, it will be displayed below the course details in the main timetable screen.
  • Students can click on a timetable item in the list to view details of the item.

Viewing Timetable Items

  • The timetable item view screen will display all of the details of the item.
  • On the timetable item detail screen, students can click on an edit icon at the top right side of the screen to edit the item details.

School Info

  • The new School Info feature will provide students with information from the front matter of the current physical School Planners.  For the first release, the School Info section will link to Google Docs that will contain the full content of the front manner from the physical student planners, including system content (e.g. school code of conduct and dress codes) as well as local school content. 
  • School admin staff will be provided access to a Google Doc for their school prior to the start of the school year and will be able to add local school content.  
  • In a future phase of the Student Planner features, the School Info section will be incorporated directly into the TDSB Connect app and will be separated into sections that can be accessed through navigation options in the School Info. 





Do you want to join our Co-Op program??

We are continually enrolling in our Co-op program!  If you are interested please let us know by emailing

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No Diploma Pick-up and No Refunds (Yet)

Diplomas will not be available for pick-up at this time.  As well, refunds cannot be processed at this time during a lockdown.  Please stay tuned for a later date when pick-ups can occur.  Thank you.

Letter of Enrollment & Transcript Requests

For letters of enrollment or an emailed transcript please send a request to  Please email your first and last name, date of birth and your phone number.

Somali and Islamic Heritage Student Video

To wrap up Somali and Islamic Heritage Month, we want to leave a short video of Yahya Jama, one of Emery's ALC students, who spent some time to share with us his voice on Islam, Somalia and Ramadan.  

Click here to watch the video!  

We also want to thank Ms. Degmo Gedi and Mr. Yusuf Gelle for organizing this month's celebrations and activities.  Thank you!!





Current Student Information

Transcript Requests: 

Local transcript requests are now closed until the end of August. If you require an immediate transcript please see the TDSB Records Office

The TDSB has put together a series of Mental Health and Well-Being resources please click here . As well, TDSB Social Workers have put together some resources about accessing food, legal support, family activities and supports in a Google Drive folder, click here

Students looking for settlement support can contact our settlement worker:

Amy C. Dagbey, Settlement Counsellor
Working Women Community Centre