The Mathematics Grade 9 and 10 courses are based upon the 2005 Ministry of Education and Training publication, Mathematics: Ontario Secondary School Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10. These courses provide the student with a solid foundation in mathematics prior to pursuing further courses in the various streams beyond grade 10.

The Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics courses build on the knowledge of concepts and skills developed in earlier grades, extending students’ knowledge in new areas and requiring them to solve more complex problems. Students in Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics will continue to develop key skills and make connections through the exploration of applications.

The understanding of abstract mathematics is central to these courses. Skill acquisition is also an important part of the programme.

The overall aim of the Secondary Science Programme is to ensure scientific literacy for every secondary school graduate. Scientific literacy can be defined as possession of the scientific knowledge, skill, and habits of mind required to thrive in the science-based world of the twenty-first century. This aim can be achieved by meeting three overall goals for every student. The secondary science programme, from Grade 9 through Grade 12, is designed to promote the following goals: to understand the basic concepts of science; to develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry; and to relate science to technology, society, and the environment.

Each of these three goals is defined more specifically within each science course. The study of biology, chemistry, physics and earth and space science in the Grade 9 and 10 courses is expanded to the study of these subjects areas in full courses in Grades 11 and 12.


Science Pathways