Lunch Information

Allergies: Please be aware when packing snacks and lunch that there are students with a variety of allergies.  Please consult the following site:

Students eat their lunch in the gym / lunch room under the supervision of Lunch Supervisor and / or Support Staff following the schedule below:

11:35 - 11:40: All Students (Grades 1 - 6) being picked up by a trusted caregiver or (with permission) going home for lunch exit through Door #3.  These students are asked to return as close to the start of afternoon classes as possible (12:40).  Kindergarten families to make arrangements with their child's teacher.

11:35 am -  12:00 pm: Grades 1 - 6 eat in lunchroom 

12:00 pm to 12:35 pm: All grades outside for supervised play

We ask that caregivers minimize the dropping off of lunch for their children.  When necessary, please ring the front door and someone will meet you and inform the student.  Kindergarten lunch is from 11:20 am - 12:45 pm.  

Boomerang Lunch:  A perfect boomerang lunch will have reusable containers including a reusable water/juice bottle. Try to avoid packing with tin foil, plastic wrap and zip lock bags as these go straight to the landfill. Thank you for your efforts in packing a nutritious and eco-friendly lunch!

There are also hot lunch options provided by vendors available to order.  This information will be shared with families at the start of the school year.