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Student Transportation

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) busing service may be provided for elementary students (grades K-5) residing 1.6 Km or more from their designated school. The safety and welfare of students is a shared responsibility. Parents can help to ensure that it remains safe by stressing school bus safety with their children. Below, please find useful information that will help to make your child's journey a safe one.

Boarding/Departing Buses

Parents/guardians are encouraged to review their child's walking route to the bus stop, advising about safety concerns. Students getting off a bus at a stop must have an adult there to pick them up. In order to change their normal bus and/or stop, parents must contact the school office.

Bus passengers should arrive at the bus stop no later than five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Once bus doors are closed and the bus has departed, drivers cannot stop for late arriving students.

While waiting at the bus stop, students are expected to stand a safe distance from the street and are expected to respect private property. When the bus approaches, students must observe the instructions of the driver. This is particularly important in the winter when slick road conditions exist.

If students are required to cross the road, they should follow the driver's instructions and always cross in front of the bus with the aid of the flashing stop sign lights and crossing arm. Students dropped off at school loading zones where the bus lights are not activated, should wait until the bus departs before crossing the street.