George Webster’s Code of Conduct

Mission Statement


At George Webster, we are committed to providing a place where students develop a love for learning and a respect for themselves and others. Our aim is to provide an environment that is warm, nurturing, safe, and challenging and where students develop to their fullest potential. At George Webster Elementary School, we value the diversity of our community, and expect all of its members to behave in ways that demonstrate and promote:

      • Respect;
      • Responsibility;
      • Empathy;
      • Cooperation;
      • Safety.

We value the partnership of students, parents, staff, and community members to create and nurture a positive learning environment to enable our students to become productive, caring, and responsible members of society. We are achieving together to build a better world. We are ONE!

Rights and Responsibilities

All members of the George Webster community (students, staff, parents, volunteers, visitors to our school) have the right to:

    • Be treated respectfully;
    • Learn and develop to their potential;
    • Be safe;
    • Be free from bullying;
    • Be free from discrimination. 

All members of the George Webster community (students, staff, parents, volunteers, visitors to our school) have the responsibility to:

    • Show respect for everyone in the George Webster community and for its environment;
    • Behave responsibly to create a safe and effective learning environment;
    • Treat others kindly;
    • Cooperate with each other to provide opportunities where individual strengths are developed and individual needs are met;
    • Work and play safely;
Know, follow, and help others to follow the George Webster Code of Conduct.


Appropriate behaviour is recognized through:

    • Verbal recognition;
    • Awards at Character Education assemblies;
    • Gotcha!  bulletin board display;
    • School announcements.

When students breach the code of conduct, consequences will be consistent with a progressive discipline approach. At George Webster, we use a range of interventions, supports, and consequences that include learning opportunities for reinforcing positive behaviour while helping students to make good choices. Interventions may include (but are not limited to):


  • Verbal warnings;
  • Discussion with teacher, member of support staff, vice-principal, or principal;
  • Completion of a reflection sheet;
  • Time out;
  • Loss of privilege;
  • Parental contact;
  • Written or oral apology;
  • Community service;
  • Essay/poster campaign;
  • Detention;
  • Restitution for damage or stolen property;
  • Behaviour contract;
  • Peer mediation;
  • Replacement of damaged property;
  • Withdrawal from class;
  • Formal suspension;
  • Suspension leading to Expulsion.