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Greenwood Secondary School (GR. 09-12)

Greenwood SS Mission: Empowering Newcomer Students To Find Their Voice
Greenwood Secondary School is one of the oldest schools in North America designed specifically for new immigrant, high school aged students. We welcome you to our small, nurturing community. Our English as a second language (ESL) school provides you with a special opportunity to gain English language skills in a welcoming environment while you earn your high school credits. We provide learning activities to meet your individual needs. We help you prepare to move to the high school of your choice and complete the necessary high school credits to earn your diploma. We work together to ensure that you develop the necessary self-confidence, interpersonal skills and knowledge to be a successful student in Canada.

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Phone:(416) 393-0744
Address:800 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON, M4J 4B7
Principal:Bryan Wires
Vice-Principal(s):Laura Groome
Office Staff:Ari Zokaieh
School Council Chair(s):Vacant
Superintendent:Nadira Persaud
Learning Network:LN24
Trustee:Sara Ehrhardt
Ward:Ward 15