Code of Conduct

The TDSB Code of Conduct sets out clear standards of behaviour. These standards apply to students whether they are on school property, on school buses, at school-related events or activities, or in other circumstances that may have an impact on the school climate. They also apply to all TDSB staff, parents, volunteers, and community groups. 

Please click here for the full PDF version of TDSB's Code of Conduct (PR585).

In addition, the TDSB provides specific guidelines and expectations for the use of personal communication devices, school board computer systems, and student behaviour on excursions and at athletic events.

Code of Online Conduct

The Code of Online Conduct (PR571) protects the rights and safety of students and staff who use online systems and resources, including all material that is accessed through a TDSB computer or telecommunications network. All TDSB rules apply when using its computers and connections, and the Board has the right to monitor their use.

Some important tips:

  • Never give out information online that someone could use to find you in person.
  • Never give out information about anyone else without their permission.
  • Never share your personal password with anyone.
  • Never try to impersonate someone else or use another person’s account.
  • TDSB computers are not to be used for any purpose that is illegal, pornographic, hateful, threatening,
    or is obviously offensive to an individual or group. If a message, a picture or anything else you see on
    the computer makes you uncomfortable, tell your teacher immediately.
  • Report any computer damage that happens by accident or on purpose.
  • Misuse of computers and telecommunication equipment or connections can result in disciplinary
    action, which may include legal or police action.

Social media can enhance learning and networking for the future when used in a positive way. But don’t forget that online behaviour matters. Make a positive impression and show everyone your best.

The Student and School Code of Conduct applies to social media. Always think before posting online. The digital footprint you leave behind can stay on the internet forever.

Please click here for the full PDF version of TDSB's Code Online of Conduct (PR571).