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Does your child's email password no longer work? 

Follow the directions below. 

Your child's student number can be found on their previous report cards.

If you are not successful, please contact your child's virtual teacher or administrator (contact information below).


If I have questions regarding virtual schools, who do I contact? Click here.

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Parent(s)/guardian(s), please make sure to download the Health Screening App, "NOW Moblie". An active health screening must be done each day prior to leaving home, using this screening app or the paper pass. 





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Please use this map to locate where your child will need to be dropped off on their first day. The arrows on the map indicate where your child will need to line up. Please ensure that you and your child wear a mask and socially distance. We look forward to seeing all of you! There will be staff outside to assist you. 



September JAL Parent Notes

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Our fields and pavement areas are divided into zones designated for students to stay with their cohort. Students may not mix with other cohorts. 

Please ensure that your children are sent to school with weather appropriate clothing that permits them to play and learn outdoors. Learnig outdoors will be maxmized this year.

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Stay Strong JAL Community!


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