John A Leslie Public School

Edge Imaging Cyber Incident

February 13, 2024

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Grade 8 Students;

Cyber Incident Related to School Yearbooks

TDSB and our school have been informed by Edge Imaging that the yearbook software service provider used by our school, Creator Studio Pro, has been the subject of a cyber incident. Photos that were uploaded to this platform for our school’s 2022/23 yearbook may have been compromised. This means that your child’s photo may have been accessed in the incident. We are advised that only photos have been accessed, and no other identifying information such as school, grade, name or location were affected by the cyber incident. Edge Imaging has notified us at this early stage of their investigation to ensure that our school has the information it needs to keep the school community informed and safe. Edge Imaging will keep us updated on any material developments. The security of your personal information is very important to TDSB and Edge Imaging.

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