Welcome to Keele Street Public School!

KSPS Principal's Message

Principal's Message: 

At Keele Street Public School we believe that the initial steps in education begin here. These steps are supported carefully through providing a caring, inclusive and nurturing environment enabling students to develop the desire and passion for learning, both now and in the future. 

The KSPS staff believe that creating engaging opportunities for learning is a large part of our responsibility as educators. Our staff work together as a team to provide students with meaningful educational activities. We strive to encourage our students to be confident learners and respectful school citizens. There are many extracurricular activities offered that enrich the life of the school. We work in partnership with our parent community in providing an environment that is nurturing and productive for the success of our students. 

While we value academic excellence, we are also committed to fostering balance in the lives of our students. We hope that our students will encounter many new learning opportunities that challenge them to be high level, critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators and caring citizens who value themselves and others. Our students are encouraged to embrace every opportunity to set clear goals, to persist in working hard and do their best.

Education is a partnership between the school and the home, and we strive to maintain close contact with families through meetings, progress reports, phone and electronic communication as well as report cards. We encourage home and school communication, as this promotes awareness about the school's academic programs, student progress, and allows parents and children to share in daily activities. 

By working together as partners, we can ensure successful first steps for all our students and this collaboration makes Keele Street Pubic School a great place to be!

Georgia Koziol
Keele Street PS
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Fax | 416-393-8200

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Welcome to Keele Street PS!

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At Keele Street Public School we value:

  • each and every student;
  • a strong public education system;
  • a partnership of students, schools, family and community;
  • the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community;
  • the commitment and skills of our staff;
  • equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility; and
  • learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive and respectful.

Our website is one way we can demonstrate these values. Click on the menu items to find out more about our school and please visit often.

For more information about Keele Street PS, please take a look at our School Profile on the TDSB main website. This site includes our Optional Attendance status for the coming school year. To find out if you live in the Keele Street PS district, please click here: Find Your School found on the TDSB main website.