September 2019

Principal’s Message

On behalf of the staff at L'Amoreaux C.I. (L’Am), I welcome you to an exciting new school year! As students, you will have the opportunity to excel in academic, leadership, athletics and co-curricular activities within our school community. As parents/families and community, we invite you to participate in our monthly School Council meetings and look forward to welcoming you to our curriculum evenings and Parent/Teacher Interviews.

At L’Am we are especially proud of the high expectations we set for all our students.  We offer various pathways to meet the needs of all learners. We prepare students for university, college, apprenticeships and for the world of work.  Additionally, we are proud of the variety of courses and programs we offer here at L’Am. Some include: our Extended French Program, a highlight of which is a trip to France and Spain; performance-based programs in the Arts including Music & Theatre; three Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM): Business, Information & Communication Technology, and Health & Wellness (NEW!).  We take great satisfaction in affording student the opportunity to actively participate in a robotics club which provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) enrichment.   To further reach our students’ interests and enhance their career exploration, we offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities, such as Co-op, leadership trips and outdoor education.   In addition to a comprehensive English Language Learners’ program, we welcome International Students from all over world! Our staff is take immense pride in building strong relationships with students to ensure their wellbeing - indeed we are a Small School with a Big Heart!  This is all clearly a result of strong instructional practices & deep care for our students! High expectations bring about high achievement results for 21st Century learners!  

I encourage you as parents/families to be involved with the education of your children. Be sure to check our school website regularly at, join us at our monthly School Council meetings, and sign up for our School App – My School Day at the App Stores to look for upcoming events. I welcome you to drop in at any time to see me about any concerns that you may wish to discuss. 

Shelina Kassam