Improving Your English



Learning English with the CBC

This website is great for practising your listening skills. It will also help you expand your knowledge of Canada.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This website has many listening activities for ELLs of all levels.


Cambridge University Phonetic Chart 

This website will help students practice their pronunciation. 

Practicing Pronunciation

If you want to practice your pronunciation using minimal pairs, this is the website for you!

Reading and Writing

Best of The Westcoast Reader
This is a great online newspaper for ESL students. The articles have fun activities to help you with your reading and writing. 

Scrambled Sentences
This site has scrambled sentences that you can have fun putting in order.

Fun with Vocabulary
This site has self-study quizzes that test your vocabulary. 

Grammar, Vocabulary and Much More
If you are looking for a fun website to learn English as a Second Language, this is the place for you!