Study Permit

When do I need a study permit?

If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you might need a study permit to study in Canada.
You need a study permit if you are planning to study in a program for more than six months.

If you plan to study in a program that is six months or less, you do not need a study permit. Even so, you can get a permit if you wish.

Where do I apply to get a study permit? 

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

This website will help you apply for a study permit.

Note: Before you can apply for a study permit, you need to be accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada.

What do I need to apply to get a study permit?

A letter of acceptance from the school you want to attend
Proof of identity (such as a passport or travel document) for you and any family members who come with you to Canada
Proof that you have enough money to pay school fees and support yourself and any family members who come with you while you study
To demonstrate that you and any family members who come with you will leave after you complete your studies.

You might also need:

Police certificate to prove that you have no criminal record
To pass a medical exam; and/or
To get a temporary resident visa (or "entry visa").

If I am a minor child (under 18 years), do I need something different? 

Study Permits for Minor Children

This link will help answer the question above.