Persuasive Piece By Kaylee in Ms. Perestrelo's class

All Year Round School is Best

I have never met a kid from ages six to thirteen that hasn’t spent most if not all of their summer vacation on the couch playing video games and watching T.V. So, why even have a two month summer vacation?

We should have year round schooling from Kindergarten to grade eight because it keeps kids busy, improves their learning skills for next year and gives families more holiday time throughout the year.

The first reason I think that year round school is best is because most children don’t do much over the summer because their families are working. They get bored and resort to video games and electronics. They also get lazy and re-adjusting to school once their vacation is over, can be hard. It would just be easier for kids to have year round school.

Having year round school has been studied and proven to improve how well students do at school mentally and socially. That can lead to a head start on your future. Once of the reasons that year round school can help with your smarts is that over a two month break you have more time to forget what you learn, but with only one month you have less time to forget. This makes it easier for you and the teachers so they and you, don’t have to have one month of review.

In year round schools Christmas, March and any other breaks (other than P.D days), are extended. Unlike over the summer break when your families are usually working, your families are usually off during the Christmas break. You get to spend more time with your family when it really matters most.

In conclusion, year round school is best for you, your family and your teachers.

I AM poems by Andrew and Bina


I am tall, skinny and fast
I wonder why I can see reflections in your eyes.
I hear you blink.
I see your brain.
I want money to buy stuff.
I am tall, skinny and fast.

I pretend to be a famous guy.
I feel your brain.
I touch a famous soccer player.
I worry about death or when I lose a game.
I cry when my relatives die or when I’m really hurt.
I am tall, skinny and fast.

I understand that my dad walks dogs.
I say god is true so is Santa, the Easter bunny, and tooth fairy.
I dream to become a famous soccer player.
I try to get straight As in school.
I hope I become rich.
I am tall, skinny and fast.

I AM By Bina

I am a girl that’s loud and pink.
I wonder how Earth began.
I want to be a scientist.
I am a girl that’s loud and pink.

I pretend I am a movie star.
I feel like I can do everything.
I touch the centre of the Earth.
I worry about people who need help.
I cry when I am upset.
I am a girl that’s loud and pink.

I understand you will not always meet people you like.
I say if you work hard god will give you a miracle.
I dream one day I will have a puppy.
I try to work hard to earn an A.
I hope I will achieve my goal of being a black belt.
I am a girl that’s loud and pink.