Food for Kids Program

We know that the closure of schools has been difficult for many families, especially those who rely on school-based Student Nutrition Programs. The TDSB and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success have teamed up to provide families at your school with $50 grocery store food cards (one per TDSB student). If your family would benefit from this card, please complete the registration form online.
Online Registration Form

Hello Parents

This will be a challenging year and communication will be the key to success. Please refer to this website, the T.D.S.B. website and please feel free to email your child's teacher with and concerns or questions you may have. To help us out, please make sure the school has current email and phone numbers on file.

Late Start to the year.

We had a late start that allowed us to reorganize and plan for a safe return to school. We have also had to reorganize  and reorganize again with fluctuations in student enrolment. 


To help us start strong and be prepared for the future please dust off those T.D.S.B. devices that were mailed out in the spring. They should be used by your child in class and at home this year.

Home self screening

Each morning teachers take the class attendance and ask the Covid screening questions. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to do this at home and have students fill in a daily tracker or complete the questionnaire online. 

both can be found at:

In class lunch

This year all students will be required to bring their own lunch to school. They will eat together in class and then go outside in their cohort for some time without masks on.

Lawrence Heights Middle School

Juliet Sesanker-Daniel is serving as a principal in the Virtual Schools this year. 

Our acting principal is Mark Kraczynski. 

Here are there contacts:

Please be safe everyone. Parents and students check you tdsb email regularly for updates.

Front view of Lawrence Heights school