Lawrence Heights Middle School

Important Upcoming Dates:


Monday October 14th

  • Thanksgiving

Thursday October 17th

  • School Council meeting 6-7 pm, all parents and guardians welcome
  • Grade 8-9 transition meeting for Grade 8 parents and guardians, 6:30 in the library

Friday October 18th

  • Grade 6 and 7 trip to Ryerson University to watch a basketball game


For the 2019-2020 academic year, Parents/Guardians will be asked to purchase student uniforms through the Lawrence Heights Middle School online shopping portal. In order to facilitate this, Lawrence Heights has partnered with Entripyshops, a vendor of uniform and athletic clothing. 

This will allow parents and guardians to browse a wide selection of products from a variety of brands that can be customized with the approved logos and graphics found on the site. Of note is that the uniform for the school is navy blue. The site lets the Lawrence Heights Middle School community choose from approved merchandise to fit their needs 24/7 with no minimum order quantities. 

Please see the vendor information below: 

Lawrence Heights Middle School on-line portal:

Entripyshops contact information: 

Phone: (866) 232-3975