Safe and Caring School Team

Caring and Safe School Team

Each school must have in place a safe and accepting schools team responsible for fostering a safe, inclusive, and accepting school climate that should include at least one student and must include at least one parent, one teacher, one non-teaching staff member, one community partner, and the principal. An existing school committee (e.g., the healthy schools committee) can assume this role. The chair of the team must be a staff member. In the TDSB this team also includes the school’s positive space representative and school equity representative.

Each TDSB school has a Caring and Safe Schools Committee that works together to ensure a positive and peaceful school. All schools have a Safe Schools Plan that includes prevention strategies and peaceful problem solving. Schools work with community partners to attract students into positive activities. We support police outreach through Crime Stoppers and other police-community involvement. We encourage students to help each other through programs like peer mediation, counselling, theatre performances and classroom discussions.

Team members for 2019/20

Parent: TDB

Daycare Supervisor: Rosemarie Sinopoli

Teacher: Delia Farno

Caretaker: Rob Ryder-McElwain

Principal: Miriam Zachariah