School Council

School Council 2019/2020

School Council Members

Chair:  Miwa DeNardo -

Co-Chair: Sarah Ball

Treasurer: Morgan Livingston

Co-Treasurer/Secretary: Pamela Chang

Teacher Representative: Hilary Hahn, Health and Physical Education Teacher 

Non-Teaching Staff Representative: Carmen Farrell; Ogden Office Administrator

Community Representative: Rosemary Sinopoli; Ogden Daycare Supervisor

All parents welcome at monthly Council meetings that usually take place on the first Thursday from 9:00 to 10:30 PM in the Ogden Staff Room. Please check Calendar to confirm meeting dates and times.

School Council

Ogden School and Community Council – Who does What (Roles and Responsibilities)

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At the first School Council meeting, parents have the opportunity to run for positions on the Ogden School Council and to vote.  Any parent is welcome to attend and to run.  No experience is necessary but lots of skills can be gained by joining the council.  Anyone who runs for office must be a parent and commit to attending the monthly School Council meetings.

Chair / Co-Chair

The chair (or co-chair if this role is shared) acts as the primary representative of the School Council and leads the School Council meetings.  The chair/co-chair will:

  • arrange for meetings
  • prepare agendas
  • chair council meetings
  • ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council.

 Skills you can gain: presentation, public speaking, mediation, leadership, confidence, organizational, and empowerment/mentoring skills.



The secretary records and distributes meeting minutes.  The secretary will:

  • record the meetings and type up the minutes
  • make note of actions promised and planned
  • distribute the minutes to the chair, co-chair, and principal
  • post the minutes, once approved in a public place for the parents and staff to read

Skills you can gain: listening, speed writing, organizational, and accountability skills.

Treasurer / Co-Treasurer?

The treasurer keeps proper records of all monies that are collected and spent by the school council. The treasurer will:

  • record all financial transactions such as; maintaining the float, counting cash for movie night  and all fundraising activities, record and pay parent expense recovery, etc.
  • follow established reporting and accounting procedures

Skills you can gain: record keeping & accounting, presentation, organizational, and accountability skills.

Parent Representative

The parent representatives are voting members who:

  • participate if available in any  established fundraising events by the school council;
  • contribute to the discussions of the school council;
  • solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share with the school council.

To learn more about School Councils and the roles of elected members, please look online at the Ontario Ministry of Education’s School Council handbook:

School Council Meeting Minutes 2019/2020

Meeting - April 2020 [English] [Translation]

Meeting - March 2020 [English] [Translation]

Meeting - February 2020 [English] [Translation]

Meeting - November 2019

Meeting - October 2019

Meeting - September 2019