Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to our school community!

It is a privilege to serve the Ossington/Old Orchard School community. Working with a dynamic, caring and knowledgeable staff, parents and daycare partners, our school strives to provide a welcoming learning environment where students are engaged and participate in a variety of experiences.

We believe that approaching the curriculum through the lens of equity to ensure that all students meet with academic success is of primary importance. Providing students with problem-based learning activities and projects that require critical thinking, analysis and reflection is essential to promote deep learning. Here at OOOPS, we provide opportunities for students to learn collaboratively, to engage in inquiry and to examine real-world issues, and to create innovative products and ideas.

At OOOPS, we are very fortunate to have strong music and physical education programs. Our teachers are specialists in their fields and offer a range of in-class and extra-curricular opportunities.

Using our wonderful garden as a learning space is also important to us. Children learn to care for the garden, to plant and learn about life systems and to develop respect for the environment.

Character education is central to the learning that occurs at our school. Each day begins with announcements that include messages/quotes about the monthly character trait. Being kind to one another is important at OOOPS as we value each other’s uniqueness and contribution. Building empathy is also an important and worthwhile school focus which will help our students to understand a variety of perspectives and sensitivities that will ultimately help them meet with success and happiness in our diverse and rapidly changing world.  I look forward to our continued work together!


Janice Lewis

Principal, Ossington/Old Orchard PS