Our Staff

Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal T. McGilvray
 Office-Administrator V. Gray
 Chair Person F. Liu


Caretaking Staff

 Chief Caretaker B. Oliver
 Evening Caretaker R. Spear


Classroom Teachers

 JK/SK A T. Gibbon
 JK/SK B K. Cunningham
 Grade 1/2 R. Campbell
 Grade  1/2              B. McMullen
 Grade 3 S. Karamath
 Primary ISP D. Aucoin
 Junior ISP R. Smythe
 Grade 4/5 G. Wren
 Grade 4 Extended French H. Lee
 Grade 5/6 F. Liu
 Grade 5/6 Extended French D. Charlebois
 Grade 5/6 Extended French B. Hestick


Support and Programs

 Health and Physical Education/Science  T. Tiedeman
 Library/Science  C. Ng
 C. Cimaglia
 M. Ballentine


Early Childhood Educators

I. Tavernier
M. Jeffries


Educational Assistants

 EA Primary ISP S. Barrett
 EA Primary ISP S. Sathiadass
 EA Junior ISP D. Roadhouse
 Special Needs Assistant
M. Hopper
C. Campbell