Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Why I love Robert Service Sr. P.S.

  1. Our students are fine citizens.
  2. Our teachers are dedicated to our students.
  3. Our parents care.
How we meet the unique needs of young adolescent learners

At Service we see ourselves as a community of learners. We all learn together and teach one another.The teachers and administration work hard to provide the opportunities for learners to develop their potential. We try to guide our students toward responsible choices.We look at our practices and our results, and are flexible in responding to the needs of our kids.

Why do we believe in Senior School?

Senior school provides a smooth transition from elementary to secondary school. Senior school teachers are specially trained to teach adolescent learners.

We teach our students how to learn

This is our purpose. Above all, literacy, numeracy and the discipline of inquiry guide what we do. We teach students to communicate.We design opportunities for our students to cooperate, compete and reflect on their learning. We do this in the classroom, in houseleague, and in interschool competition. We do this in clubs, remedial programs and regular peer assistance sessions.

We care.

Our Standards are High

We expect everyone's best effort; each student, teacher, office administrator, counsellor, caretaker, vice principal, principal and parent. Nothing less is acceptable.We are not afraid of failure. When we aspire to excellence we sometime fail and we learn from our failures.

We are an inclusive culture

We come from many different cultures and celebrate each.We respect one another’s views but never tolerate intolerance or bigotry in any form.We actively seek our commonality because we recognize that we live in a global village.

We will always progress

We care, in my opinion, the best senior school in Toronto. But we are still not good enough. We will never be. We are committed to continuous improvement. We will put all our resources into keeping Robert Service at the forefront of innovation and excellence. That is my promise to those who permit me to lead.