Course Selection

Choosing Courses for 2021-2022

January 28/21- Assembly Presentations

Grade 9 Assembly Recording  and slideshow

Grade 10 Assembly Recording  and slideshow

Grade 11 Assembly Recording and slideshow

The course selection presentations for Grade 9, 10 and 11 students have also been uploaded to the Guidance Google Classrooms. 

Guidance Google Classrooms (Access through your TDSB account):    

Grade 9: ufe3zr5  

Grade 10: nwtf6go 

Grade 11: eckldym 

Grade 12: ewrmqid 


January 21/21

Every year around this time, the guidance department holds grade specific course selection assemblies to help you pick courses for the next academic year. While the pandemic and the lockdown have made it impossible to congregate in our school’s auditorium, we are still moving forward with our assemblies - albeit virtually.

We want to ensure that you get the assistance you need to choose courses appropriate to your interests and ones that point in the direction of your potential occupational goals. These virtual assemblies will provide you with important information to consider in choosing future courses as well procedural information on how to choose next year’s courses.


Assembly Dates and Times

Assembly Date & Time

Intended Audience

Zoom Link to Join Assembly

Monday Jan. 25 at 11:40 am

Current Grade 10 students


Tuesday Jan. 26 at 11:40 am


Current Grade 11 students

Wednesday Jan. 27 at 11:40 am

Current Grade 9 students


Please plan on attending the virtual assembly for your grade. The selections you make for next year will determine how many sections of each course we are able to run in 2021-2022, or whether courses will run at all! 

If you are currently in grade 12 but will have 27 or fewer credits by June 2021, consider joining the Grade 11 assembly for a refresher on the course selection process.


Accessing the Presentations Later

All assembly presentations will be posted on the Guidance Google Classrooms on January 29, 2021.

If you have not already signed into the Guidance Classrooms, you should do so now.

Guidance Google Classrooms:    

Grade 9: ufe3zr5  

Grade 10: nwtf6go 

Grade 11: eckldym 

Grade 12: ewrmqid 

Course Offerings for 2021-2022

Click on the links to see the courses we hope to offer next year.

Grade 10 Courses  and Grade 10 Optional Course Descriptions

Grade 11 Courses

Grade 12 Courses


Assistance with Course Selections Following the Virtual Assemblies


  1. Virtual Course Fair

In place of the traditional course fair that we held in previous years, our curriculum leaders are holding virtual information sessions so you can learn more about the courses that are offered by each department.  







Department & Meeting Code

Thursday Jan. 28

Day 3




12:40 -1:10 pm



French (Zoom)

1:15 - 1:45 pm



Canadian & World Issues/Social Science (Zoom)

Friday Jan. 29

Day 4



12:40 -1:10 pm



Physical Education  (Zoom) 



Monday Feb. 1

Day 1




12:40 -1:10 pm





Co-op Education and SHSM  (Zoom)

1:15 - 1:45 pm



Math (Google Meet - use TDSB account)

Tuesday Feb 2

Day 2





12:40 -1:10 pm







1:15 - 1:45 pm



Business  (Zoom)





Wednesday Feb 3

Credit Rescue Day



12:40 -1:10 pm



Technology (Google Meet - use TDSB account)

1:15 - 1:45 pm
English (Zoom)


In lieu of a course information session, the Arts department is encouraging all students to learn more about course offerings at Arts INFO link

  1. Virtual Drop-In Help Sessions

Guidance counsellors and special education teaching staff will also be offering “Virtual Drop-In” sessions for you if you want help with making your course selections on myBlueprint.


Date and Time of Drop In Session

Intended Audience

Zoom Link to Join Meeting

Tuesday February 9

12:30 -1pm

Current Grade 9 students


Wednesday February 10

12:30 -1pm

Current Grade 10 students


Thursday February 11

12:30 -1pm

Current Grade 11 students



Tuesday February 16

12:30 -1pm

Students who are receiving support through the Special Education department


Important Dates and Deadlines


myBlueprint Opens Tuesday February 9th

You will be able to begin inputting your course selections into myBlueprint on February 9th when myBlueprint opens. Use the time prior to February 9th to research your options so that when you make your selections in myBlueprint they are accurate and reflect your needs and preferences for next year. 

Log into myblueprint:  (the TDSB extension is important!)

Once you make your selections in myBlueprint,  guidance counsellors will not be able to `undo’ them in myblueprint this year. You will have to wait until the school’s master timetable is set (sometime in June) to see whether you are able to make changes to your original course selections. A lack of available space in courses means that changes are not always possible, so choose wisely and carefully!


myBlueprint Closes at 4 pm on Friday February 26th

After this date, you will be unable to make your course selections in myBlueprint. 

If you have not chosen your courses in myBlueprint before February 26th, your guidance counsellor will be left in the position of having to choose the courses you will be taking next year because the TDSB must know the total number of courses we need for 2021-2022.

We don’t necessarily know your interests and preferences, so it is best if you meet this important deadline. 


Quad 4 Guidance Counsellors:

If you still require assistance following the course information sessions and the drop-in help session, please contact your guidance counsellor directly. We will be focusing on course selection issues in February. 

Student with the Last Name



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E to K and Y

Mrs. Karimwabo

L to Q and Z

Ms. Noble

R to X

Ms. McVannell