This page is here to provide Grade 9s with links and information that they may find helpful as they begin high school.  


We held an informational webinar for incoming grade 9s led by student leaders on June 10th, 2021.  The video recording of the event is here:

We are very grateful for our Student Panelists: Bavan Pushpalingam, Fatima Zahra (Porter Athletic Council Captain), Faiza Rutba, Viswajit Kuttuva Sriganesh (Porter Athletic Council Co-President), Elizabeth Agyei (Vice-President of Prefects) and Shaira Tasnia (Equity Committee Member) for sharing their time, expertise and personal experiences with everyone.

Grade 9 is an exciting year with a lot of changes and opportunities.  Prepare yourself, and get involved!

 We asked you what you wanted to know and have answered your Frequently Asked Questions here:


Q- What is the best way to know about student life and events at SATEC?

Bookmark the SATEC Student Council website and check it often!

Follow SATEC on social media  


@satecg2w - girls to women

Q- What does the timetable look like at SATEC in non-COVID times?

Here is what the regular (non-Covid 19) SATEC school day looks like (click for more info):

  Time Day 1 Day 2
Period 1 8:55am-10:10am Class A Class A
Homeform 10:10am-10:20am Homeform Homeform
Period 2 10:25am-11:40 am Class B Class B
Common Lunch 11:40am-12:40pm Lunch Lunch
Period 3 12:40pm-1:55pm Class C Class D
Period 4 2:00pm-3:15pm Class D Class C


Q- What is the uniform at SATEC?

In the spring of 2021, after consultation with parents, students, and staff, a uniform poll took place.  The results are the following for the next three years:


  • In addition to the McCarthy’s uniform, students may choose to dress in our school colours of navy blue, hunter green, and white.
  • Navy blue bottoms – must be either business casual dress pants or any length of school.  Jeans, cargo pants, leggings, and jogging pants are not acceptable.
  • White, navy, or hunter green tops may be worn.
  • Hats and hoods are not acceptable inside the school building.
  • Shoes may be any colour.
  • Every Friday, spirit wear may be worn as your top – hoodies, sweatshirts, tops bearing the SATEC name or logo along with the team/club name – will be acceptable.


Q- Where can I find helpful resources to nurture my Mental Health? is a great youth-driven place to start. We have our own Jack group at SATEC. 

The SAC website also has excellent links here.


Q- Who are the staff at SATEC?

The SAC website has this helpful link.


Q- What clubs and student organizations are active at SATEC?

We are still waiting on updates to see if and how we can run extra-curricular clubs, teams and student organizations this year. Below that are the groups that have been active in the past (before COVID or beyond).  The most up-to-date information will be found on the SATEC Student Council website

Here is a list of the clubs and sports from the 2019-2020 school year. 


Q- What courses do we need to take in order to graduate high school? 

Diploma Requirements are summarized in this document. This information and much more pertaining to credits and pathway planning for your high school journey can be found in the Guidance section of this website.


Q- If I want to plan ahead for after high school, where do I start? 

MyBlueprint is a great resource that is available to every TDSB student.  It has extensive, current information about jobs you may want to have in the future, what skills are useful, the job market outlook, interviews with people in those positions, what education might be needed and will even link to the post-secondary programs that are applicable in Canada. 


Q- Who is our guidance counsellor for the year, and what is their contact information to touch-base with them?

This will be decided in late August and you will find it on the Guidance page, it will be by organized according to student last name.


Q- How will I find my classes? 

This is a video, only half finished, showing a school tour of most of the first floor.  More to come!

 Here is a school map of the first and second floor.  And remember, you can always ask a School Safety Monitor, student or teacher in the hall to help you find a classroom! We are a friendly bunch!  


Copy of SATEC MAP (1)

SATEC Second Floor (2) (1) (1)