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Weekly Update September October 4-8, 2021

October’s Character Trait -  Responsibility

Upcoming Dates

October 7 - Snack Program Begins (please see below)

October 11 - Thanksgiving (no school)

October 15 - Terry Fox Run (rain date October 22)

October  21 - Individual Education Plans Sent Home

October 12 - School Council Meeting(details to follow)

November 9 - School Council Meeting(details to follow)

November 16 - Reports Sent Home

November 19 - Parent/Guardian/Teacher Conferences

November 19 - PA Day

December 7- School Council Meeting(details to follow)

Good Evening Second Street Families,

We can’t believe it’s already October! We had a busy week with a Fire Drill, Practice Lockdown Drill, Truth and Reconciliation Week Learning, Orange Shirt Day, an additional Kindergarten class added and our first School Council Meeting of the year. The Second Street JMS community is awesome!

Have a great weekend!


Edward & Ashwin

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Second Street Junior Middle School

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Snack Program

There has been a delay in the start of our Snack Program from the board. The program will start on Thursday October 7th. The “SNACK program ” is a 2 food group menu which does not require refrigeration– 1 from Vegetables or Fruit and 1 from Grain, which is an individual Grab n Go service for Covid safety. This year we are asking for a $30.00 donation. By now you should have received an email from cash online.

 Below is a link for you to register your child for the snack program. A donation is not required for participation but the completed form is.

Second Street JMS’s Terry Fox Event

We are pleased to inform you that this year we will be holding our annual Terry Fox Event on Friday October 15. (the rain date will be Friday Oct. 22)

Our event will look a little bit different again this year due to social distancing guidelines.  Students will walk around the perimeter of the school with only their teacher and classmates and the start times for various groups will be staggered throughout the day.  Our youngest learners will walk with their classes within the school yard.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parent volunteers join us again this year, but we know you will be with us in spirit!

All fundraising this year will be done again virtually in order to limit contact with cash.  Families are encouraged to login to the following website:

Click on the link that says “students set up your page.”  With parental assistance, students can set up a fundraising page and will then get a link to share with family and friends so they may donate under your child’s name. Tax receipts will be immediately sent to the donor.

Over the past 16 years, Second Street has fundraised over  $17 000 for The Terry Fox Foundation and we are hoping to continue to raise funds for this important cause. No amount is too little!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Terry Fox Committee

Parents and Caregivers as Partners Conference 2021

October 16 and 17, 2021

Join us for a virtual conference and learn strategies to support your child, connect with other parents and hear from our inspirational keynote speaker

TDSB is committed to parent, caregiver, and community engagement as an essential element in our shared efforts to improve outcomes for children throughout their lives. Our role is to help build capacity by successfully engaging parents and caregivers, strengthening home-school partnerships, and aligning our collective efforts.

The Parents and Caregivers as Partners Conference 2021 provides an opportunity to highlight innovation and high-impact strategies for partnering, collaborating, and nurturing parents and caregiversʼ partnerships and alliances. Registration is now open! Learn more at

Daily Health Screening

Ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff is a priority and everyone plays a role. The most important thing families can do to help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, is to screen their children daily for any COVID-19 symptoms and keep them home from school if they are sick or have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. All staff and visitors will also be required to screen themselves before entering a TDSB building.

Before coming to school each day, all students must conduct an active student health screening self-assessment and if, based on your answers you are clear to come to school, please record the information daily through the paper pass or the Health Screening App, which will allow you to enter to your school or administration building.

Learn more at

Keeping Kids Safe

Drivers are reminded to do their part to keep children safe near school buses.

Drivers should follow these tips:

• Stop and never pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.

• Leave space around school buses and avoid blocking school bus loading zones so children can enter and exit safely.

• Be prepared to stop for a school bus at any time, not just during school hours.

• Always obey the rules of the road and watch for children, especially in school zones.

• Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and school crossings.

Parents can also help keep their children safe by reminding them to be aware of their surroundings when they are on or near school buses.

Lockdown and Fire Drills

At the beginning of each school year, our students and staff prepare for the year ahead by establishing the foundations for a successful year. One of the ways we know we can help students be successful is to create a safe environment in which to learn. Though no one ever wants to see an emergency happen at a school, it's important for school staff to be equipped to deal with those situations, should these occur.

One aspect of emergency preparedness is the lockdown and fire drill. All schools are required to conduct a minimum of two lockdown drills and six fire drills each school year. Lockdown drills, like fire drills, are an essential component to ensuring student and staff safety. It is important that all staff and students are prepared and know how to respond in cases of emergencies. The drills last approximately 5 minutes and ensure plans are effective and can also systematically identify any safety concerns.


Kiss and Ride

Second Street’s “Kiss ‘n Ride” is located on Maple Street. Please pull up to the curb and a staff member will help direct your child to the school yard to help alleviate the congestion on the street. 

Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health is restarting its publicly funded school vaccination program to protect students in grades 7 and up from hepatitis B, human papillomavirus and meningococcal disease. Starting September 14, students can receive these vaccinations by appointment only at City-run immunization sites. Bookings open September 2 at

The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement

Toronto District School Board is committed to ensuring that all students can succeed and to improving equity, human rights, anti-racism and anti-oppression practices within all schools, programs and services. As part of this commitment, the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement has created new internal and external websites to support schools, communities and system leaders to ensure meaningful and sustained change for African, Afro-Caribbean and Black students, families and communities. The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement websites feature many resources and tools that focus on improving experiences of belonging and academic outcomes for Black students. They also highlight programs, initiatives and opportunities that emphasize responsiveness to the voices of Black communities who have advocated for systemic change within educational institutions. Some of these include: resources to support learning and community engagement; ongoing programs and initiatives accessible to the wider TDSB community; culturally relevant and responsive frameworks to identify, address, disrupt and dismantle anti-Black racism; TDSB policies and guidelines; professional learning opportunities; and access to all of the episodes of the Human Library Podcast.

Check out the following Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement website:


School Hours:

Supervision before School: 9:00 am  9:15 am

Entry Bell for al Students: 9:15 am

Lunch for Kindergarten and Intermediate Students: 11:45 am - 12:55 pm

Lunch for Grade 1-6: 11:55 am - 12:55 pm

Supervision after School: 3:25 pm - 3:55 pm

Dismissal for Kindergarten and Intermediate Students: 3:25 pm

Dismissal for Grades 1 - 6:  3:35 pm 

Please remember as per last year dogs are not permitted on school property. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Playscape will be  closed before and after school.