Important Information and Updates

Student Drop Off and Pick  Up

Safety is our primary concern.  Please note: there is no stopping or parking on the south side of Huntsmill Blvd.  The police drive by periodically and will ticket you if you have parked or stopped there. As well, please do not drop students off by the stop sign on the north side of Huntsmill, directly in front of the school.  It is very unsafe to force drivers to go around you in the intersection.  As well, when students are exiting the vehicle, please make sure they use the right passenger side doors, so they can be safely on the sidewalk, and not let out on the road.  The bus loop between the two schools belongs to Sir Samuel B Steele PS and is only to be used by the school buses that drop off students to that school, and Sam Steele parents.  A reminder that it is also unsafe to drop off or pick up your child from our school's parking lot. Thank you for choosing safety over convenience, and keeping our neighbourhood kids safe!