Pizza/Subway Lunch Order Forms

All lunches will be available to purchase through the School Cash Online system.  We are trying to encourage using the online system for ECO reasons.  All items must be purchased at LEAST one week in advance.  All pizza and subway lunches from Feb  to June will be available on Jan 28, 2019.  The system allows you to purchase lunches in advance and you can also look up what you have ordered by going to the School Cash Online system at any time.    Use this link to place your order online.

Information on how to register for School Cash Online

For those who are not comfortable using the School Cash Online system you can still fill out the forms and return them to us through your teacher.  Please note the deadlines on the forms.

Pizza Lunch Form Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
Subway Lunch Form Oct 2019 - Jan 2020



Meet The Cooks!

Check out our staff and volunteers helping out with our special lunches!