St Andrew's Middle School




Dear Scorpions,

Welcome to St. Andrew's! We are thrilled that you are here and have joined the St. Andrew's Family. 

We have our first bell at 8:40am, with the day starting at 8:50am. The final dismissal bell is at 3:11pm. Lunch is between 11:40am and 12:37pm.

Students can leave school property for lunch, with written permission from a parent or guardian.

Operational guidelines change as we work through the pandemic together - and we will keep you informed. We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and partnership.

Be safe and be well!

Mr. Garner and Mr. Nusinowitz





Everyone is welcome at St. Andrew's Middle School. Please use the links on the left side of this page to navigate our web site.

Please note that our Out of Area Attendance acceptances have been completed for the upcoming school year. Thank you, for your applications and interest in our school.