Subway Academy 1

Subway Academy One

Subway Academy One is a small alternative high school which serves a community of academically driven students as well as students who face multiple barriers to finishing high school. Our dynamic teaching staff is committed to engaging, encouraging and guiding students to success in our program regardless of life challenges.

Based on our unique approach to education, students are introduced to methods of positive expression, identity and confidence building, creative and critical thinking skills, and ways to nurture their social and emotional well-being.


Subway Academy One is a diverse, safe, and inclusive space, catering to students who are working on their anxiety and re-engagement with school. Our team of teachers work closely with our students to set individual goals for credit accumulation, pathway planning, and connect students to support. Classes begin at 9AM, 5 days a week, with 75 minute class periods. 

Please contact Subway Academy One to learn more about programming and to schedule a tour to see the school space.



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