Eco Schools

Walk To School Week & Car Free Day

On Wednesday, May 25 we challenged all staff and students to come to school without their car. Here are some numbers. On a typical day, we average 25 cars parked in our parking lot and on challenge day we had 7! Drive through drop offs average about 35 cars each morning...challenge day we had 8! Take a look at the June newsletter to see a photo of our almost empty parking lot!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!

Earth Day Celebrations 2011

On April 21st the students celebrated Earth day by participating in several activities.

All of the grade 1-8 classes took turns helping to clean the school grounds, Willowfield Gardens Park, and a section of the hydro right of way. The students did a great job of collecting the trash and making sure that all the paper and plastic products were placed in our recycling. Our school also reduced our energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics in the afternoon.

Earth Day Celebrations 2011 Earth Day Celebrations 2011

In addition to this many of the classes did their own eco challenges. 
  • Rm.6 & 8 learned about proper recycling at school
  • Rm. 7 & 9 learned about recycling and created environmental posters
  • Rm. 21& 24 read The Giving Tree and learned about the importance of giving back to our environment.
  • Rm. 26 started a home energy conservation challenge
  • Rm. 27 made environmental posters
Thank you to all the students and staff for supporting and celebrating Earth Day!