Our Staff

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Jeff teaches History, the social sciences and Phys Ed in our full-sized gym. Ask him any history fact and he most likely will be able to answer.     


Amy is one of our English teachers.  She is currently on leave writing award-winning novels and playing hockey with her three boys.


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Sally is the guidance counselor and curriculum leader at West End Alt. 
She was a dance teacher in her former life. 

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Michelle is our Itinerant Resource Teacher.  She helps students with all sorts of stuff including college applications.  You can hear her laugh down the hallway upon her arrival.


Geraldine is our Child and Youth Counsellor.  She is there to talk to when students need extra support.  She ensures that everyone, including the teachers are their healthiest selves.

Alcidia is the pulse of the school.  She is our office administrator, and really is the one who runs the school.


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Mike is our Vice Principal. He loves to make dad jokes and wants to help students reach their best potential.