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Wexford Public School (GR. UG-08)

Wexford Public School is located on the west side of Pharmacy Avenue, south of Lawrence Avenue, in the Wexford community. The present school opened in the 1951-52 school year.
The school serves over 385 students representing 30 different language groups. In addition to our regular programs, we continue to offer English as a Second Language, Home School, Community Based Resource and Deaf and Hard of Hearing programs. We welcome a newly developed pre-kindergarten Deaf and Hard of Hearing program to our community of learners.

Wexford Public School is a site-accessible school for physically challenged students. We also have a Family Day daycare at our location with before and after school program.


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Phone:(416) 396-6640
Address:1050 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1R 2H1
Principal:Rohan Robinson
Vice-Principal(s):Zehra Mohammad
Office Staff:Shahla Alam
School Council Chair(s):Collins Frimpong
John Tsoraklidis
Superintendent:Liz Holder
Learning Network:LN18
Trustee:Neethan Shan
Ward:Ward 17