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 Let Yorkdale Ignite Your Passion For Life and Learning

We help students 21 and older earn high school credits or certification in an adult setting free of charge. Yorkdale's certification programs include Hairstyling, Aesthetics, Pathway to Nursing, P.S.W, Childcare Assistant and Co-operative Education. We offer ongoing support and many program options that recognize a student's need to combine school, work, and family commitments. Up to three credits toward a high school diploma can be earned in just nine weeks. Our credit courses lead to college, university, Yorkdale certification programs or directly to employment. Yorkdale students are eligible for additional credits (PLAR) to fulfill the requirements of a high school diploma.

Our school is a dynamic, multicultural and inclusive environment where students who speak more than 100 different languages have the opportunity to achieve personal and academic success.  The nine Essential Skills required for success in the Canadian workplace(computer use, reading text, document use, writing, numeracy, oral communication, thinking skills, working with others, continuous learning) are emphasized in all courses.



Renewed Opportunity for Young Adults to Earn their OSSD !

Ed-Vance is for students between 18 and 20 years of age who have been away from school for at least one semester. It is a great opportunity to continue your studies and earn your diploma. You can earn credits fast- up to 12 credits in just one year! Plus, take advantage of PLAR to earn even more credits. Ed-Vance students enjoy breakfast every morning, intramural sports, fieldtrips, small class sizes, dedicated and caring teachers, and a Guidance Councellor and Youth Worker to provide ongoing support. Enrolment is limited. For information email us at: edvance