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YMCI is committed to eradicating all forms of racism and discrimination.  As educators we recognize that we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to provide social justice education and embed it into our daily teaching work because every day social injustice is evident in our students’ lives. 

We feel strongly that social justice as an ongoing process to which we are committed as opposed to an end destination.   At YMCI social justice entails respect, care, and equity; with a consciousness about the impact of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility or family status, marital status, religious or political belief, pregnancy, age, and disability.

By recognizing the dignity of each individual, we seek to build a healthy community based on social justice.

As a staff,  we are committed to educating ourselves around issues of social injustice, engaging in self-examination, evaluating assumptions and judgments and listening to and acting upon the voices of students.  We are committed to being positive Change Agents. 


Learning and Instruction - Overview

Secondary students will return to school in September in a quadmester format. By breaking the school year down into four blocks -- quadmesters (approximately 9 weeks in length) -- students will concentrate on two subjects at a time. This helps reduce potential contact between students and supports health and safety protocols.

At the beginning of each quad students choose between:

  • Adapted In-School Day Model (Smaller Class Size Cohorts)

  • 100% Remote Learning

Students/parents must indicate their choice two weeks prior to the start of a quad. Switching during quads is not permitted.

TDSB e-Learning Day School Program will continue to be made available in Grades 11 and 12 (contact your school guidance counselor for more details.

  • For more detailed information regarding Returning to School: A Guide to the Safe Reopening of the TDSB, please click on the following link or graphic below-

Return to School



Adapted In-School Day Model and the Four Day Timetable

  • Secondary students in the in-school model will be in school with their teacher  every other day and will have live video conferencing (synchronous learning) with their teacher daily.
  • Class sizes will be approximately 15 students.

Quadmester Calendar (REVISED)

Quad 1:  Sept. 17 - Nov. 17 + Credit Rescue Days Nov. 18,19

Quad 2: Nov. 23 - Feb. 2 + Credit Rescue Days Feb. 3, 4

Quad 3:  Feb. 8 - April 20 + Credit Rescue Days April 21, 22

Quad 4: April 23 - June 23 + Credit Rescue Days June 24, 25, 28

November 20 (board-wide PA Day), February 5 (secondary PA Day - new), February 12 (board-wide PA Day), June 29 (secondary PA Day)  


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