Developmental Disability Program

York Memorial C.I.’s Developmental Disability(DD) program has a well established reputation of integration and community participation. The students in this program are fully engaged in the life of the school and have access to all school facilities.

Students are engaged in both functional academics and life skills training through experiential learning and co-op placements.A variety of activities are scheduled throughout the week including the use of computers and a Smart Board. Daily physical education is also scheduled with access to the gym and often the swimming pool. Regular grocery shopping and meal preparation are also part of the program.  Students learn to navigate the community by public transit during field trips, some recent highlights have been a trip to a skateboard park, learning to play squash and attending an Argo’s Game.

One distinguishing component of our program is our leadership classes. These are run together with the Phys. Ed department and partners senior students in a credit granting course. These leadership students work with students in the DD program in the gym, academics, life skills and some field trips and special events. The success of this program has helped to foster an appreciation for people of all abilities.