Health and Wellness Day

Health and Wellness Day Workshops



Our Health and Wellness PLC (Professional Learning Community) planned an amazing variety of  workshops which which took place on Friday, April 12, 2019 for our students to participate in based on their interests.

The list of activities included the following:

  • Weight Room and Cardio
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball and Badminton
  • Basketball and Soccer
  • Dance, Yoga, Meditation
  • Pool Length Games
  • Manicure, Hair Styling, Makeup from Community Partners
  • Art Workshops, Colouring, Board Games and Quiet Reading
  • Creative Writing, Karaoke, and Documentaries

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Thank you to the following members of the Health and Wellness PLC for planning an extraordinary day:

  • K. Balasis (Leader/Chair)
  • M. Harding
  • J. Fortuna
  • S. Mastropaolo
  • D. Langer
  • K. Flynn
  • F. Charles
  • C. Ostermann
  • P. Ditillio
  • T. Loukes
  • A. Merran
  • M. Wesley
  • M. Archer
  • M. Gagne
  • J. Teunissen
  • S. Taylor
  • H. Birell
  • S. Loumanis
  • B. Theodorou
  • C. Belli
  • C. Porter
  • G. Golubovici

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Moreover, please view the photo slideshow below that captured some of the activities/workshops that occurred. (Please click on the first photo to view all photos quickly and in full size by clicking NEXT).