SPRING 2018 

Welcome Clinton families.  This webpage is your source for athletics here at Clinton. 

Current Practices:

Co-Ed Ultimate

Boys' Slo-Pitch

 Girls' Slo Pitch

Running Club (T/Th 8:00AM) *CANCELLED if rain.

Track and Field (see schedule for individual events below)


Clinton Track & Field Days: 

Junior: April 26th

Primary: May 17th

TDESSA Track and Field Meets

May 10th, June 7th, June 12th

Track Event Coach  Practice Times  Dates:  (Jr) April 26  
80m, 200m Mr. V                Ms. Toledo T/Th 3:30-4:00   Clinton Track Days  (Pr) May 17
400m, 800m, 1500m  Ms. Stacey T/F 8:15AM   Qualifier May 10 2018 Birchmount
TDESSA meets: Conference Final June 7 2018 Birchmount
4 x 100m relay  Ms. Weger W/F 8:15AM   City June 12 2018 Birchmount
60m Hurdles Mr. Ball M/W 3:30-4:00
Field Event    
Triple Jump Mr. K 8:30 T/Th
Running Long Jump  Mr. Ball 3:30-4:00 T/Th
Standing Long Jump 
Shot Put  Mr. Ball 11:45-12:15 M/W

Past Newsletters

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Sports at Clinton


House League (grades 1-6) will begin in October.  Running Club will begin when Cross country season concludes.

Clinton Sports Philosophy

The underlying themes of Clinton Athletics are teamwork, commitment, and healthy competition, upheld through the dedication of our many skilled teacher-coaches. 

Students who are interested in school teams are notified about tryouts in morning announcements, posters, and on the Clinton Sports Board (located near the main office). Interested students must understand the commitment that games and practices take place before, during and after school hours. 

The following is a schedule of the athletics teams that are offered to the students of Clinton: 


Cross Country Running - Grades 2-6 

Soccer - Grades 4-6 

Girls' Basketball - Grades 4-6 

Boys' Football - Grades 4-6 

Girls' Football - Grades 4-6 

Boys' Volleyball - Grades 4-6 


Girls' Volleyball - Grades 4-6 

Boys' Basketball - Grades 4-6 

Co-ed Hockey - Grades 4-6 


Co-ed Volleyball - Grades 4-6 

Swimming - Grades 4-6 

Badminton - Grades 4-6 

Girls' Slo-Pitch - Grades 4-6 

Boys' Slo-Pitch - Grades 4-6 

Ultimate Frisbee - Grades 4-6 

Cricket - Grades 4-6 


Track and Field - Grades 1-6 

Clinton House League Grades 1-6

Clinton offers regular intramural sports; these are ideal for those who are still learning basic skills and regulations as well as for those who have more experience. The focus is on skill development, teamwork, and fun. There are no "try-outs" for House League: students simply sign up before each series and they are placed on a team. 

All House League information, including teams, results, and game schedules, is posted on Clinton's Sports Board near the main office. 


Community Coaches

TDSB schools require that all Community Coaches complete a criminal record check. Forms are available from Clinton and the cost is $16.95. Community coaches must have a school staff member supervising the students at all times. Community coaches are expected to defer all final team decisions to a Clinton Staff Coach. To attend games, the community coaches must have a TDSB Coach's Card. Coach's Card Requirements: Attend a TDSB Coach's workshop (See Mr. Ball for dates) Complete a criminal record check (schools are mandated to ask). These regulations are in place for the safety of our students.