Elkhorn's School Council


The Council meets from 6:30 p.m. in the school gymnasium.

“Each TDSB school is required to have a school council made up of the principal, parents, teachers, support staff, students (secondary schools), and community members. The purpose of the council is to actively engage parents to improve student success. It also provides a regular opportunity for its members to discuss how to make the school a better place for learning for its students. The principal brings important information about the school to the school council. The school council, in turn, advises the principal on matters related to the learning goals of the school, the school’s policies and procedures, students’ needs, activities and resources for students and parents, and ways of involving parents in the life of the school." - TDSB School Matters

The school council consults the principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, school budget priorities, school safety, after school activities, and planned fundraising.

We are grateful to our School Council for running fundraising activities. Through focused fundraising the School Council supports many school programs such as:

  • subsidizing school trips
  • new music instruments
  • new phys. ed. equipment
  • technology in the classrooms
  • funding visiting artists and authors

Here is the link to the Elkhorn School Council website.


Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.
Babysitting is provided free of charge.


Below are the SAC Bylaws.

SAC Bylaws

For the upcoming elections the Parent Candidate and Self Nomination Form is attached below.

Self Nomination form

Pizza Lunches

The school council organizes Pizza Lunches at the school. All pizza orders are done online.

In order for Pizza lunch to be a success, we need your help. Contact us at pizzalunch@elkhornschoolcouncil.ca.