2017 Magazine Fundraising Campaign

Our 2017 QSP campaign will run from Tuesday October 3rd to October 17th. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. More information will be sent home soon.

Why order?

  • Our campaign Promotes Reading at home!
  • Save up to 85% off of the cover price of magazines
  • Subscriptions make perfect Gifts for delivery anywhere in Canada
  • We earn an average of $10 profit from every item ordered
  • New for 2017: Texture
  • Customized photo products like photo books and cards are available too.
  • Your child will receive awards for every item they sell! This year it’s CHICKEN KEYCHAINS! Earn 1 for every magazine sold!
  • Support the school - even with Renewals
  • It's super easy!

Our school benefits all year long from any magazine or photo products ordered through our school site. 

If you wish to purchase magazines for gifts, please consider renewing or buying new subscriptions online at www.qsp.ca. Our school ID is # 3721800 or just type "Humber Valley Village School".