Subway Lunch


Please order Subway lunch online at

Orders can be placed in advance for several weeks, months or even the entire school year. 

Please note that the cut-off time for placing or making changes to orders is 12:00pm (noon) on the Sunday prior to the subway lunch day.

If you prefer not to place your orders online, you may call Lunchbox Orders at 1 (877) 426-6860 and they will gladly place your order for you.


Upcoming Subway lunch dates (Mondays unless indicated):

September 11th, 25th (2017)

October 11th (Wednesday), 23rd (2017)

November 6th, 20th (2017)

December 4th, 18th (2017)

January 8th, 22nd (2018)

February 5th, 21st (Wednesday) (2018)

March 5th, 19th (2018)

April 16th, 30th (2018)

May 14th, 28th (2018)

June 11th, 25th (2018)

June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th (2017)