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In the past some of our English Stream students and French Immersion students received support outside of the bigger classroom. This is no longer the case in the majority of schools in Toronto. The Toronto District School Board is now encouraging all of their schools to focus on inclusionary practices as much as we can. We want every single one of our students to aim for the stars! 

At Millwood all of our French Immersion and our English Stream teachers are continuing to get support on how to meet the different strengths and needs in their classrooms.
If you have any questions or concerns about the school teams and clubs for your child please contact the staff member leading the group. 


Be sure to follow, like, and retweet the great things happening at our school on the Twitter feed that is just a little bit further down the page on this new TDSB web format. #millwoodpride


Thank you to all who attended our first Home and School Meeting of the year and to those who attended our first School Council Meeting of the year! Our next meetings are both on October 30th.
PHOTO DAY is on September 27th

Millwood Home and School Association link here 
(or you can access it on the left hand side of this page)

Please get involved! We LOVE our volunteers. We hope that everyone can make a positive difference for our students in some way. Thank you for your support!

Safe Arrival Program 

Please call Millwood at 416 394-7074 to report a child's absence. Thank you.


Lunch Timing...
11:45 Students outside
12:20 Bell rings to bring them in
12:25 Students eat their lunches in their classrooms
12:45 Class begins again


If you require any assistance contact the Parent Help Desk at 1-866-961-1803


Along with sending your child with a boomerang lunch please consider supporting our push to use water bottles that can be used again and again. In all of our classes students can drink throughout their school day to stay hydrated and to help their brains and bodies work to their potential.

2018 School Council Executive:

Joanne Azevedo-Vaz (Chair) e-mail Ms. Azevedo-Vaz here

Cherie Lemire (Secretary)


The chain goes across our Parking Lot every morning between 8:45 and 9:15 for safety reasons. If you are not walking or biking to school you may wish to choose to park on the west side of the school and walk through the forest. This would allow you to miss some of the busy traffic out in front of the school.

Don't forget that we have several books in my office specifically for you. Several parents have started to sign out books which is fantastic. The books relate to many pressing issues including positive discipline with your kids and raising an anxious child.

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