Millwood Junior School is committed to keeping every student safe. Your input and support is vital in helping us with this goal.

Like every school in the TDSB there are students who attend our school who suffer from life-threatening allergies. At Millwood JS we must be prudent with the decisions we make with regard to peanuts and/or nut related products.

If you are a parent of an anaphylactic child, please come into the office to complete the necessary medical paperwork and provide the school with an auto-injector (epi-pen).

We ask that you do not send in products that contain nuts, especially into the lunchroom and/or a classroom where there may be a student that can have an anaphylactic reaction. You can help by having your children wash their hands and teeth if consuming peanuts/nuts before coming to school, bringing in other items like pencils or stickers instead of food to celebrate birthdays, teaching your children to read labels at the grocery store, talking to your children about avoiding sharing food, and refraining from teasing or bullying a student with a food allergy. Our student body is respectful and supportive of one another, and they should be commended for their efforts in this area.

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to your child's teacher. 

Thank you once again for supporting our safe school.